Painting Furniture and Gluten Free Living…… Not for the weak minded

FB_IMG_13747661170808193 So you are probably wondering what painting furniture and following a gluten-free lifestyle have in common, right?  It’s been one of those days around here today, you know the kind that everything you touch or try to do just doesn’t work out.  I don’t have many days like this but occasionally I have one.   Those are the days that my brain works over time.  So while I was washing my hair this afternoon I had some revelations I will share.

Since most of you don’t know me I will briefly mention that a little over a year ago I was really sick.  I mean the kind of sick that you have to call a friend, your mom and your dad to come stay with you.  To make a long story short I did a lot of research and through a drastic change of diet and a plethora of praying family and friends I am a new person.  I went gluten-free and gave up soda.  It took awhile but it changed my life.  It has not been easy but worth it to be healthy and well.  If you knew how much I LOVE pizza and soda  you would understand just how hard it was.

Let me get to the point, if any of you have ever tried to do any gluten-free baking then you know that it is not for the weak-minded.  You can follow a recipe to the letter and it may look beautiful when you pull it out of the oven but the proof is in the pudding as they say and sometimes the pudding doesn’t taste too good 🙂  I must say I have had my share of flops.  To say there is a learning curve would be an understatement if you ask me.

And so it goes with painting and refinishing furniture.  You can follow the same steps every time and almost every time you will come out with a different result.  Sometimes brilliant and sometimes not so much.

At the top  of this post you see an enormous sea green milk paint table.  Did I mention it’s huge?  I was really excited about this table because it’s unique and not like some of the furniture everyone else is doing.  I jumped in with great enthusiasm.  I went through my usual prep and everything looked good and then suddenly that chipping and peeling that milk paint is known for finally occurred.  I wasn’t supposed to have chippy I was supposed to have smooth, soothing sea green goodness!  Humph!  I pouted and pushed my table back in the garage.

I think I’m finally ready to wrap it up.  I warned you in my first post that I am not a writer and reading this would be like watching a butterfly flit from one flower to another.  LOL  Just because I’ve had some “adventures” in the gluten-free lifestyle I didn’t fall off the wagon and I have the same attitude about painting furniture.  Yes my table was a little disappointing but I am brushing off the milk paint dustiness, hair washed and moving onward and upward.

You can check my Facebook page @the purple hydrangea if you would like to see the continuing saga of the sea green monster table as my family has so lovingly named it.

Until next time,

The Purple Hydrangea






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2 Responses to Painting Furniture and Gluten Free Living…… Not for the weak minded

  1. Kathryn says:

    Love the comparison! And you gave me a great idea 🙂

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