Good Enough?????

ImageIt’s been a few weeks since my first dip into the blogging world.  Let me start by thanking the 4 friends who actually took the time to read my first post.  🙂 

I chose the title Good Enough because I have asked myself this question many times over the last few weeks.  I launched a Facebook page and of course I shared my page with my friends and family members like everyone who starts a new page does.  In a weeks time I had almost 100 “likes” which I thought was pretty good and then I stopped by to visit with the Dumpster Diva one afternoon.  She asked me what I was up to and I mentioned I had started a page.  If you are local and haven’t stopped by her delightful shop you really should!  She is the kind of person who never meets a stranger and will make you feel like you should pull up one of her chairs and stay awhile.  But wait, I digress.  She shared my page with her followers (35,000 or so) along with some very kind words and in about 3 hours I suddenly had 1000 new friends!  Sounds great right?

Sure, who doesn’t want tons of people checking their page out.  More followers means more reach, etc, etc, etc.  Now like I mentioned before I am still in the land of learning my way around furniture refinishing.  It’s one thing to post some pictures of your work for 100 people who know and like you but it’s entirely different when you add 900+ strangers to the mix.  Yikes, it was a little overwhelming.  But I decided to go with it.

Sometimes when you go with it, it turns out awesome and sometimes not so awesome.  I painted a little table.  The one you see at the top.  The reaction was well to say the least not very positive.  I am a pleaser by nature so my first thought was “oh my goodness who do I think I am “.  What made me think, who did I think I was and well you get the picture.  Then I remembered  2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” NIV  So I dusted myself off and moved on.  I’m sure even Miss Mustard Seed has had some projects that didn’t quite work out. Right?  wink wink

So back to the question am I good enough?  I guess time will tell but for today I say “yes, yes I am!”

Oh did I mention the little table is looking for a fantastical new owner?

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4 Responses to Good Enough?????

  1. melenda blackwell says:

    you most certainly are good enough–and even better than that. as you go along you will find you can’t please every-body. do what you like even if you asked and then did something else. it is your stuff and ideas. do what makes you happy –you will please your self and others too. God bless you in your quest.

  2. Terry Lynn says:

    Yes, you are good enough! God says so and when it comes to life, it is only His opinion that matters! Your table is beautiful.

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